Mykonos Bay Arrives Baltimore, June 4, 2019

This 180x30m (591x98ft) bulk carrier was built in 2009 by Jinse Shipbuilding in Busan South Korea according to The company appears to have gone out of business as I don’t see any current signs of it. This ship is owned by Pioneer Maritime which has 18 bulkers, all of them named for various Bays – check out this interesting fleet list! They have also provided a brief data sheet on this ship.

This ship made the news in summer of 2018 when it was accused of attempting to deliver a load of mercury laden fertilizer. The company denied this and they went on to offload their cargo at Port Louis, Mauritius without complaint which suggests to me that the company simply chose not to pay bribes demanded in Kenya.

In the below video she can be seen riding low in the water as she is bringing in sugar to the Domino Sugar plant in Baltimore, Maryland. Yes, bulk freighters can be cleaned to carry food items after carrying pretty much anything else. Watch this video by Chief MAKOi to see how it is done.

Video of bulker Mykonos Bay arriving in Baltimore, Maryland June 4, 2019

I also saw the cruise ship American Star and the bulker Panafrican arrive and the roro ship MSC Cristiana depart this day.

7615-1 Bulker Mykonos Bay
Bulker Mykonos Bay bringing sugar into Baltimore, Maryland

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